Friday, June 19, 2009

Play Room, Bonus Room- Matti's Playhouse

I'm so excited to hear that Kelly's Kornor will be featuring "Birthday Parties" in the future. I have decided to devote my blog to "Parties" and my quest to alway have the perfect event. As I find blogs and websites, I will post them for everyone to enjoy!

The Play House

I have already posted our play room on a previous blog so I decided to post Matti's playhouse today.
I work at a high school that has a wonderful woodshop program. The students in that class built my daughter a playhouse. Here's the picture they used as a guide.
Because I was pregnant and we didn't know the sex, we had the playhouse painted to match the brick on our house.

Yes, it is always messy!

Check out the potty chair...


  1. How neat!! I beat your daughter loves it! So cute, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh how adorable!!! I bet your little one loves her play house. She's so cute!