Friday, July 17, 2009

My blog is primarily dedicated to finding the perfect party! When I find a blog, I post it for all to enjoy.

Here are 33 Birthday Party Posts!!!


  1. Hi I noticed you linked to my blog. I would love to return the favor and offer you and your readers 10% off at my site! Please email me so we can discuss it

  2. ok. i just found your blog thru kelly's korner. i am in love with it. i've been looking around for birthday party ideas for my son. his first birthday is oct 25, so i'm trying to start the preperations! i absolutely love the halloween party post. super duper cute!!! i might steal a few ideas!!!! i'm still trying to find some more ideas for the party. like invites & general decor & food! thanks for helping!! have a great week! p.s. your girls are cutie pies!

  3. Hi!! I stumbled across your blog thru a google search, my son was born October 28th and we will be celebrating his 1st birthday this year...I like the poster above me LOVE your ideas for a pumpkin/halloween themed party!! I will definitly be checking back for more ideas :):) Thanks for sharing such fun ideas with all of us!!