Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dora Fiesta Birthday Party!

Lauren Friday had a fabulous Dora "Fiesta" Birthday Party!!!
Dora birthday cake with Star Catcher Cookies!
Dora Fiesta Bags for the Pinata Prizes.

Sombreros, Maracas and Tambourines that were used for the Fiesta Dancing presented by a local Hispanic family.

Star Catcher "Sweet Treats"

Dora Star Picks for the cupcakes.

LOOK!! Live Dora!

Dora craft area!


  1. what a beautiful party!!
    a lot of colours and fun!

  2. sooo beautfil Dora's daughter is turning two on dec. and i wanna to have a Dora themes for her 2nd Bday, but cant find a cake like yours, i love your dora's cake!